Listed companies

Modular Finance, with Monitor, MFN, Datablocks and Strictlog, is the largest supplier of IR systems in the Nordics, both in terms of number of systems and number of customers. All four services are included via our IR Toolbox for listed companies. These solutions cover a large part of the specific needs and requirements that one has as a listed company. Within the framework of IR Toolbox there is also an attractive discount structure depending on the number of products you use.

Monitor logo

Monitor is developed for listed companies who wants to visualise and analyse the most complete view of the ownership available. The most important features and uses are listed below

Datablocks logo

With Datablocks, listed companies can increase the quality of their IR pages without having to spend any time themselves updating the information. All our modules can be customized based on how our customers want the information to be presented on their own website.

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MFN is the market’s first distribution service fully adapted for IR news. The service offers full-scale exposure in relevant IR channels and direct connection to own web.

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Strictlog is a MAR system consisting of a digital logbook created to ensure compliance and save time in the handling of eg. insider lists and related parties to PDMR.